Coronavirus Information and Precautions

This situation is evolving rapidly as new information becomes available.  We will update this page as quickly as possible if our policies and procedures change due to updates from CDC, CMS, CDPH and local health departments. 

We are currently creating plans to thoughtfully and carefully begin the process of getting to  COVID-19 new normal.

While some states and local authorities may be opening businesses, schools and recreational activities based upon geography, community spread, and trends;  multi-level senior community like ours (with Independent Living which is non-licensed and our Assisted Living which is licensed and regulated by the state of California) have a unique standard due to the fact that we care for the elderly whose vulnerability to COVID-19 is much higher.

Throughout our re-opening, we will change policies and procedures with guidance from the Center for Disease Control, California Health Department, California Department of Social Services, the Governor office and the Mayor of San Diego.

We will continue to post new updates on our entry and main lobbies, we will proceed with the health and well-being of our residents and staff in mind throughout this process

If you have any concerns please contact Executive Director Angela Kapiloff at Main Office (858) 487-1197 The Gateway Independent Living or (858) 451-9933 The Gateway Gardens Assisted Living.

Meals – The Gateway & The Gateway Gardens

The Gateway Independent Living will continue to serve meals in the resident apartments with a re-opening plan contingent of Governors orders, until Governor lifts mandatory orders on restaurant style dining. Residents in Independent Living are expected to be independent for their own care so the state views needs differently than Assisted Livings medical needs.

The Gateway Gardens Assisted Living to begin meal service in the dining room soon, plan will be posted, reviewed and updated as protocol changes are dictated. Residents that choose to remain eating in their apartments may continue and others may choose to eat in the dining room. The Assisted Living falls under a different mandate due to the medical needs.

FaceTime Visits

Staff members are available to assist residents in the Assisted Living with FaceTime visits with our IPADS, we have loaded many forms of social applications to assure whichever devices the families are utilizing we can facilitate a virtual visit.


The Gateway Gardens Assisted Living has started re-opening plan with limited Social Distancing Activities, Independent Activities for residents whom choose to stay in their apartments and entertainment in the Courtyard with limited residents-timed exposure for exchanging groups every 15-20 min to allow all residents whom want to attend.

The Gateway Independent Living has to remain with limited availability due to Social Distancing Standards, when the Governor releases new standards we will re-open all areas for activities.

Tours for The Gateway & The Gateway Gardens have been virtual due to concerns that we do not bring COVID-19 into the community. The Gateway has given immediate need tours potential residents in crisis.

With service for our residents being our may concern, we will continue to follow our agencies mandating procedures and protocol moving forward and The Management of The Gateway and The Gateway Gardens are always available via phone, email or text.

The health and well-being of our residents, family members, and staff is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, we are closely monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) spread and following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In addition to our prevention measures, we are also actively preparing our communities to provide care and support for our residents and team members for an extended period of time should a quarantine become necessary.

Many standard infection control and safety protocols are already in place as a part of our standard flu prevention plan. However, because of the risks associated with COVID-19, we are proceeding with an abundance of caution to protect our communities.

Links to CDC resource pages:

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