Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions

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Exterior Building Hours 

Our exterior building is locked for the comfort of our residents from 10 pm – 6 am. If you have visitors outside of these hours please make appropriate arrangements with the front desk. 

What is assisted living? 

Assisted living is housing that provides assistance with activities of daily living. We offer housekeeping, laundry, and various other services to help each resident attain their highest level of independence. 

Do you offer housekeeping? 

We provide weekly housekeeping. Our friendly and professional staff cleans each apartment once a week. If alternative measures must be taken, please contact our front office. 

What are the prices? 

Pricing options and availability can be found in our Marketing Office. Call or visit us today to learn more! 

What languages do you speak at The Gateway Gardens? 

At The Gateway Gardens, we speak both English and Spanish. 

Can family or friends bring pets when visiting? 

Pets are always welcome to visit. We ask that each pet have their current shots, be kept on a leash, and under the control of their owner when in public areas. 

Is there any private space available to use? 

Residents may reserve the activities lounge or private dining area for any special event with notice. Contact the front office if you would like to reserve this space. 

Is there a beauty or barbershop on-site? 

At The Gateway and Gateway Gardens, we have both a beauty salon and barbershop on-site that offer a variety of services. 

Is internet access available? 

Wi-Fi Internet is provided in specific areas for all residents and their guests. If you would like private Wi-Fi, please contact the local provider. 

Is there a telephone in each apartment? 

Each apartment is equipped with telephone hookups. If you would like telephone service we can help you set it up through the phone company. Residents are welcome to bring their own mobile device. 

Is there access to cable television? 

We offer access to basic cable television for all residents in their apartment homes and rooms.  

Do the apartments come with full kitchens? 

Each apartment at the Gateway Gardens has a kitchenette and is equipped with a full-size refrigerator & microwave oven 

Is there a dining option? 

We have open dining from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. The dining room is served restaurant-style with menus and servers. Our chef works to create flavorful and nutritious food, and we also accommodate special dietary needs for residents with a physician’s order. 

Are activities provided? 

We believe events and activities enrich our resident’s lives and have a powerful impact on the healing process. We create a fun, uplifting environment where our residents can be social, get involved, and enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities. 

We pass out a monthly calendar to inform each resident of upcoming activities, and copies of this calendar can be obtained at the front desk. Click here to view our online activities calendar. 

Is smoking permitted? 

For the safety and health of our residents and staff, The Gateway Gardens is a smoke-free community. We do, however, have designated smoking areas outdoors. Please ask the front desk about the location of our designated smoking areas. 

Who do I talk to about questions in regard to financials, billing, and/or application paperwork? 

At The Gateway Gardens, we have a full-time business office manager. Our business office manager will answer any questions you may have regarding financial or billing concerns. To make an appointment with our business office manager, please contact the front desk. 

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Respite Stays 

How long is a respite stay? 

Gateway Gardens offers respite stays from 7 days to 30 days. 

Will my loved one be involved in the activities in your community? If so, what type of activities? 

All activities we offer at Gateway Gardens will be available to you. Activities such as bingo, exercise class, Rummikub, Skip-bo, Tea Parties, Blackjack, Wii, Bridge, Uno, Movies, crafts, art class, and trivia are among our daily activities. 

How will you know what services my loved one needs during their stay? 

Prior to staying with us, a Physician’s Report is required for your stay. This seven-page document completed by the primary physician gives us a jumping-off point on knowing what daily needs must be met. In addition, an assessment will be done by our Assisted Living Director to find out each specific task that requires assistance. 

Will their insurance cover a respite stay? 

Some insurances will cover part or all of your stay. Please contact your insurance company prior to your stay in order to find out what your policy will/ may cover. 

Who can I contact to learn more about respite stays? 

Please contact our Marketing office at 858-487-1197 to find out more about scheduling your Respite stay with us!